Happy Sunday!Today we would like to share with you about the *WAGGGS Giving Day* which is happening on 15 and 16 September 2021. The ongoing impact of COVID-19 has severely limited the opportunities for the girls and young women that make WAGGGS so special, and we want our giving day to help create real change and a better future for the next generation of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.Your gift will enable us to develop and deliver more Relevant-Exciting-Accessible-Learner Led programmes and offer more opportunities for girls and young women to grow in their leadership journey, explore their potential, speak out and take action as active, contributing citizens of the world.Find out more and *donate* here https://spsr.me/Fz7D Donation can be done individually by credit card on the platform, or in groups/Member Organisations via credit card or bank transfer. However, we would need a list and contacts of all the individual donors in the group to properly thank them after receiving the donations. Am happy to explain more if you need more details.Any amount of donations is welcomed, every penny counts to help us expand our impact to more girls in more places in the world.Sharing here a video citing Mia Arissa from Malaysia that *girls are an investment, not an expense*.